Student Projects

Ongoing PhD Works

Sl no. Title Name of Student Supervisor
1 Forensic Speaker Recognition Sreehari R. Dr. Leena Mary
2 Array Signal Processing and Compressive Sensing Sreekumar G Dr. Leena Mary
3 Audio Search Deekshitha G Dr. Leena Mary
4 Automatic Language Identification Anu George Dr. Leena Mary
5 Multirate Systems for Speech/Audio Tomson Devis Dr. Manju Manuel
6 Audio-Visual feature based traffic analysis using machine learning techniques Anuja Prasad S Dr. Leena Mary
7 Multilevel Features for Recognition Applications in Speech Processing Starlet Ben Alex Dr. Leena Mary

Mtech Main Projects

Sl no. Title Name of Student Supervisor
1 Audio Visual Feature based Vehicle Classification for Heterogeneous Traffic Christin Daniel Dr. Leena Mary
2 FASR: Effect of Voice Disguise Kesiya Sebastian Dr. Leena Mary
3 Prosody Based Emotion Recognition Using SVM Veena Mohanan Dr. Leena Mary
4 Phonotactic based Automatic Language Identification for Four Indian Languages Lincy Babykutty Mrs. Anu George
Dr. Leena Mary
5 A Visual Search using Surface Based attention Mechanism For Real Time Video Bijoy P S Dr.Manju Manuel
6 Automatic Language Identification using Phonotactics and Prosody Lekshmi M Nair Dr.Leena Mary
7 Towards a robust speaker verification system coping with VoIP, voice forgery Athira Jess Cherian Dr.Leena Mary
8 Novel Two-Stage Audio Search System for Content based Audio Retrieval Ben P Babu Dr.Leena Mary
9 Vehicle detection and classification using audio-visual cues PiyushPurushothaman Dr.Leena Mary
10 Performance of Silhouette based Action Recognition using Correlation of Poses Ashish Raj Mr.Josemartin M J,Dr. David Solomon George
11 3 Dimensional silhouette based action recognition using SLA classifier Swathi K Vijayan Mr.Josemartin M J, Dr. David Solomon George
12 Improved detection of copy-move forgery in digital images RaichelPhililpYohannan Dr.Manju Manuel
13 Performance analysis of image denoising in directionlet domain at different levels of decomposition Sruthy Peter Mr.AnishBabu K K
14 Automated Drusen Grading Algorithm Mohammed S Mrs.Anu George
15 Effective Iris Recognition System Tossy Thomas Mrs.Anu George
16 Prosodically guided phonetic engine Deekshitha G Dr. Leena Mary
17 Automatic syllabification of Malayalam speech Gayathri M R Dr. Leena Mary
18 Effect of channel and noise mismatch on prosody based speaker verification Sophia Susan John Dr. Leena Mary
19 Text independent speaker verification using GMM Gayathri S Mr. Anish Babu K K
20 Spoken query retrieval using Bessel functions Drisya Vasudev Mr. Anish Babu K K
21 Exploring vehicle sound signatures forĀ  characterisation of heterogeneous traffic Jobin George Mr. Riyas K S
Dr. Leena Mary
22 Phonetic engine in Malayalam Sreejith Mr. Riyas K S
Dr. Leena Mary
23 Prosody based forensic speaker recognition Ranjith S Mr. Anish Babu K K
Dr. Leena Mary
24 Spectral based Text Independent speaker recognition Karthik Selvan Mr. Anish Babu K K
Dr. Leena Mary