Electronics & Communication Engg.
Electronics & Communication Engineering - Facilities

Digital Lab

       Digital lab is equipped with Digital IC Trainer kits, Digital Storage Oscilloscope, Cathode Ray Tube, Universal IC Tester and DC Power Supplies

       Labs Conducted:

         • Digital Electronics Lab S5L
         • Digital Electronics Lab S3R
         • Miniproject Lab S6L

Circuits Lab

       Circuit’s lab is equipped with sophisticated Digital Storage Oscilloscope, Cathode Ray Tube, Function Generators and Power Supplies

       Labs Conducted:

         • Electronics Workshop S1
         • Basic Electronics Lab S3L
         • Electronic Circuits Lab S4L
         • Solid State Electronics Lab S4R

Communication Lab

       Communication lab consists of Digital Storage Oscilloscope, Cathode Ray Tube, Function Generators and Power Supplies

       Labs Conducted:

         • Communication Lab I S5L1
         • Linear Integrated Circuits Lab S6L
         • Communication Lab II S7L

Systems Lab

      Systems lab is well equipped with Computers,Digital Storage Oscilloscope, DSP Kit TMS320, FPGA Development kit, ARM 926 Kit, Sparton 3E Kit, Trainer Kit 8051,Cathode Ray Tube, Function Generators and Power Supplies. This lab also contains logic analyser and spectrum analyser. Xilinx ISE, Keil, Mentor Graphics, Tanner Software etc are the different softwares in this lab.

       Labs Conducted:

         • VLSI Lab S8L
         • Microprocessor and Microcontroller Lab S6L
         • M-Tech DSP Lab II L
         • M-Tech Advanced Communication Lab
         • • M-Tech FPGA Lab

Computer Lab

      In Computer lab, out of 37 systems 35 are network connected and 10 systems are allotted for exclusive use of internet. Matlab 12, Xilinx 12 etc are the softwares. This lab is equipped with 4 Air Conditioners, LCD Projector and one whole in one printer.

       Labs Conducted:

         • C Programming S3L
         • VLSI Lab S7L
         • DSP Lab S7L
         • M-Tech DSP Lab

Department Library

      In addition to the Central Library, Electronics & Communication Engineering department has a separate library which offers its services to students, Faculty and Staff from various departments of this institution. It has a stock of 1032 books and over 200 CDs. International Journals, National Journals, other Periodicals and News Papers are available in the library. The library is open from 8.30 am to 4.30 pm. ECE library is equipped with 2 systems and 2 printer cum Photostat machines. Here previous Seminar reports, and project reports are collected for reference.

Seminar Hall

      The department owns a well-equipped seminar hall for conducting various departmental activities.