RIT is selected under TEQIP Phase-2

          Technical Education Quality Improvement Programme (TEQIP) of Government of India aims to improve the quality of Technical Education in Engineering Institutions across the country by providing inputs like modernization of laboratories/workshops, library, faculty development, networking between institutions, curricula development, research and improve interaction with Industries etc., to become dynamic, demand driven, quality conscious, responsive to rapid economic and technological developments occurring both at national and international levels.
          The Project Agreement with World Bank was signed on February 04, 2003 for First cycle of First phase and on April 12, 2004 for second cycle of First phase.

Status of fund position as on 16-10-2015
Governance Development Plan(GDP)
BOG Formation Order
BOG Members
Institutional Members
Action Plan
Governance Review Document

BOG Minutes

1.Minutes of BOG on 29th October 2012
2.Minutes of BOG on 17th January 2013
3.Minutes of BOG on 27th April 2013
4.Minutes of BOG on 12th August 2013
5.Minutes of BOG on 8th November 2013
6.Minutes of BOG on 20th May 2014
7.Minutes of BOG on 27th June 2014
8.Minutes of BOG on 5th December 2014
9.Minutes of BOG on 13th March 2015
10.Minutes of BOG on 25th May 2015
11.Minutes of BOG on 7th August 2015
12.Minutes of BOG on 5th October 2015
13.Minutes of BOG on Ist February 2016
14.Minutes of BOG on 30th March 2016
15.Minutes of BOG on 05th August 2016
16.Minutes of BOG on 23rd November 2016
17.Minutes of BOG on 24th March 2017
18.Minutes of BOG on 29th July 2017
19.Minutes of BOG on 13th April 2018

Procurement Details

Interested vendors please contact on or before 16-02-2012
Procurement List - Civil Engineering
Procurement List - Computer Science & Engineering
Procurement List - Electrical Engineering
Procurement List - Electronics Engineering
Procurement List - Mechanical Engineering
Procurement List - CCF

Bid Document Diesel Generator Set
Advertisement Diesel Generator Set

         1. Gyratory Compactor
         2. Servers and Desktops (New)
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         1. Virtual Instrumentation
         2. Laptop Core i5
         3. UPS - 10 KVA, 5KVA
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         1. Computerized IC Engine set up(MPFI)
         2. Bid Document CNC Lathe (New)
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         1. ROUGHOMETER
         2. SERVER FOR NET