Testing and Incubation Centre

Testing and Incubation Centre at Department of Electronics & Communication Engineering, Rajiv Gandhi Institute of Technology was established in 2009 with financial assistance from District Industries Centre(DIC) Kottayam for the Industrial development,Government of Kerala.


To integrate various small scale Industrial activity in around kottayam

To provide Testing of various electronics product and ensure the quality of the product.

To organize seminars, workshops and awareness programs for the public.





PHONE NO : 9446052354

MAIL ID:[email protected]

PCB prototyping Machine

The PCB Design Lab Scientech 71 is a unique solution to design and develop

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prototype PCBs. This machine is compact and ideal for making prototype PCBs. This machine performs all the operations such as drilling, milling, engraving and routing which helps designer to fabricate PCB at low cost and in short time. Scientech 71 does not require any dark room, its offers easy and environmental friendly operation and can be used to develop even antenna.

Climatic Chamber

It is used to study the performance of the prototype with different types of humidity conditions and temperature.

Resistive load

All kindsof load testing are possible with this instrument, especially UPS testing.

All in One Electronic Work Bench

It is a modern electronics work bench incorporating CRO, Power scope, Signal generator and power supply as a single unit.

Lux and clamp meter

Lux meter is used to measure light intensity in lumens. Clamp meter is used to measure current in any wired circuits.